Welcome to Fight Girls  

This website is no just about a bunch of chicks who like fighting.. actually it's less about that and more about a style and attitude of life. This is also not a feminist website, but a simple rant about the everyday life of a woman who is tired and wants to bitch on inorder to relief her anxiety.

But I would like to note that in modernday society men are too men and women are too women. Because of this unbalance, many men are turning women and the other way around. It's a pretty funny situation which could be fixed by individuals maintaining balance between the two genres. I believe I am half woman and half man. Blending the two makes me able to do anything I want.. without loosing my sweet and dear feminity.

So there you have it. It's my style, if you don't like it get the hell out of there. <- Just kidding.

Mary Lever

The Beijing Red Theatre was one of my first encounters with the "fighter spirit" inside of myself. It's funny now that I look back on the experience years later, seeing this amazing Kung Fu performance really changed my life in a way. This beautiful story tells about finding your own path and standing up for yourself. That's what I have done every since. A typical message that echoed throughout the Red Theatre performance hall and finally, into my heart.

This is why I am honored to present it here and recomended to everyone who feels at lost. The battle is lonely, but once you accept it you will feel never feel alone again! Chinese Kung Fu philosophy at it it's best in Beijing. Go see it.